Our Bakery

Main Baking & Retail Location, 52 Hearthstone Lane, South Londonderry, VT

Our bakery and main retail location is located at the “Barn” 52 Hearthstone Lane, South Londonderry, VT

David and his staff produce a line of high quality, hand produced pastries in a tradition that was started many years ago in a kitchen in Galesburg, Iowa. It was there that Dorothy Miller, David’s grandmother, took pride in baking breads and pastries each day for the men of the farm. Her talents were passed along to her daughter, Betty Miller Nunnikhoven, who played a major part in building the business in the late 1970’s during the family’s years in Connecticut.

David began baking while in high school, working with his mother to hone his skills. He spent time at the Equinox Hotel, located in Manchester Village, Vermont, as an assistant pastry chef. Following that, he worked at other local restaurants and inns while earning a degree from the International School for the Pastry Arts in Elmsford, New York. In 1994, David began supplying pies to several stores locally and business quickly grew.

All production was moved to the “barn” on Hearthstone Lane in November 2001, providing a place where customers could enjoy a cup of coffee and pastries fresh from the oven. Grandma Miller’s specializes in fruit pies, cookies and quick breads, which are also available at many Southern Vermont stores and farm stands.